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    [ ab-nyoo-nawr-muhl ] 

    the new normal is abnormal

    We design and build ventures and innovation growth engines for global businesses that would allow them to leverage the power of AI and Blockchain along with our unique disrupting and industry-transforming abilities to evolve out of The Hunger Games!

  • We are a group of friends that worked together for many years on disrupting different industries and markets and changing the status quo. We work hand in hand with high-impact entrepreneurially-minded business leaders that are heading organizations, corporates, and nations from around the globe - the type of leaders we like to call self-energizing radioactive [batteries-included] leaders - to help them make use of our unique disrupting abilities and allow them to move from idea and strategy to execution at speed. We do this by helping them simplify and solve globally relevant complex problems through adopting an innovation nurturing culture and mindset, and by making use of our geeky startups' M&A and IP commercialization powers, and our superpowers and unique abilities to put AI and other forms of machine intelligence, along with other exponential technologies like fintech, IoT, infinite computing, metaverse/AR/VR, etc into practice by designing and building ventures and innovation growth engines that would allow them to evolve out of The Hunger Games!

  • To do that, we focus on six activities that help our partners build a pipeline and portfolio of successful new ventures.

    AWAKE: Formulate Disruption Strategy and Transformational Purpose

    We start by running a series of our flagship "think swarming session" sprints (we call them mini battles) to clearly define strategy, direction, and transformational purpose. We also run retreats, awake town hall talks, and keynote speeches.

    Build and Launch Ventures

    Leverage your resources and our ecosystem of AI and other forms of Machine-Intelligence based business models along with other exponential growth technologies to build disruptive new ventures.

    Fund Raise and Invest in Growth

    Make use of abnewnormal investment activities, we usually prefer to build special purpose vehicles (SPV) per opportunity which get funded through pooling our direct investments, our angel investors' club, syndicates, and VC fundraising activities.

    Commercialize IP & Startup M&A

    Design and manage your world-class IP Commercialization activity, improve the performance of your Executive Investment Committee, and maximize the partnership value of external startups.

    Bring "Blackops Startup Culture" Inside

     Build your internal culture of innovation and execution at speed along with leveraging our ecosystem and communities of entrepreneurs, investors, and advocates to drive growth and seize your mothership advantage against your growth blockers aka your immunity system.

    Innovation advisory and executive coaching

    Make use of our unique team of advisors, disruptors, and innovation growth engine business model generation coaches to be by your side across your innovation journey. Our sprints of executive coaching sessions are based on (bi)weekly calls and deep-dive workshops and retreats to ensure outcomes.

    Our venturing thesis was built around the ABnewNormal Book

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    We are giving away 50 downloadable copies of the ABNEWNORMAL book once launched
    if you share an actionable ABNORMAL idea with us.

  • ABNEWNORMAL Book Summary



    In his book author, executive coach and futurist Rami Al Karmi coins the term ABNEWNORMAL to describe the age where the new normal is abnormal, dictating a pressing necessity to evolve mindsets and business models out of what he describes as "the hunger games" i.e. the downturns and mass disruption taking place across most industries.




    This small book teaches jargon-free, simple, actionable steps and provides a radical, how-to guide for using moonshot thinking, and fourth industrial revolution technologies (such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, 3D printing, blockchain, the Internet of Things, and advanced wireless technologies, among others), to eliminate all forms of toxic corporate immunity, nurture a future leading culture, and adopt a business model innovation-centric mindset.


    ABNEWNORMAL provides a roadmap to think different, execute at speed, and persistently self-disrupt to adapt organizations, industries, and even nations BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!